Prius drivers, lethal by intent or incompetence?

I commute on a motorcycle on every day there isn’t ice. In sixteen plus months in this city, of five near misses from obliviots merging into a lane I’m already occupying, four have been Prius drivers.
Among motorcycle commuters there are two schools of thought. The first, and decidedly more charitable: Due to the way the High Occupancy Vehicle lane laws are written, drivers of vehicles with three or more occupants, motorcycles and Low Emissions Vehicles are allowed to use the HOV lanes. So, the Prius drivers are alone with their thoughts and just aren’t paying attention.
The other hypothesis, and the one I tend to back: Dolts who drive Priuses are so high on their own sense of grandness (they are saving the planet) that it is incumbent on the lesser creatures to stay out of their way. Too bad the creation of a Prius damages the environment through all the shipping of raw materials and components (batteries in particular).


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